We are the Juso HSG Osnabrück. Obviously we are oriented towards the values of social democracy. We see ourselves as socialists, feminists and anti-fascists and stand up for social justice at the university.

Particularly, we stand for:

  • fair study conditions,
  • accessibility; digitally and in-person
  • more acceptance for LGBTIQ* people at the university,
  • Strengthening of women* in academia,
  • abolition of all tuition fees and compulsory attendance,
  • affordable housing,
  • empowerment of working-class children,
  • a strong student self-administration and
  • diversity of initiatives.

If you would like to know more about our political work, then take a look at our Instagram account, @jusohsg.osna.

If you have any questions and/or want to get active with us, feel free to write to us: jusohsg@uni-osnabrueck.de

Small but important „fun fact“:

The Juso university groups, including us, are formally the student association of the Jusos and the SPD – but we are independent in our actions. To become active with us, you don’t have to be a member of the Jusos or the SPD, but you should feel addressed by our contents.

So in that sense: Greetings in solidarity!